Mondays Are Cancelled

No.1 in Electronica (global)
No.1 in Tech House (global)
No.3 in Deep Tech (global)
No. 19 in Lounge (global)
No. 23 in Deep House (global)
on Mixcloud Global Charts


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– More than 500000 streams on Spotify
– 148,550 total listeners on Spotify
– 30000 Instagram follows
– Top track: Let’s Chase The Wind


Latest Releases

New Downtempo & Chill Releases

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Severely Glitched Experimental Side 1 & 2

Created during lockdown, this project reports my personal experience through glitched (severely) music, as a metaphor for what the world felt like. You can read about the project, how I created the music, and listen to all tracks here.

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Molo Africa (Album)

Molo Africa Album

South Africa Meets Berlin Deep House

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When You’re Gone From Me

EP Released by Kung Fu Dub Recordings (Sweden)

Made In Berlin

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About Me

In the kinetic world of electronic music, Steve Freedom, known on stage as “Mondays Are Cancelled” (MAC), holds an extraordinary place. With a profound musical lineage tracing back to his early violin lessons at age 7, his evolution as an artist is an absorbing narrative of passion, innovation, and resilience.

In 2022, MAC’s mixes leaped to astounding heights on the Mixcloud global charts, clinching No.1 in Electronica and Tech House, No.3 in Deep Tech, No.19 in Lounge, and No.23 in Deep House, cementing his status as a global powerhouse of sound. This diverse background has allowed Steve to become a master of genres, flaunting finesse in everything from Industrial Techno to Deep House and Minimal.

Based in the pulsing artistic heart of Berlin between 2010 and 2015, MAC became a trailblazer, known as the first DJ to perform using only Native Instruments Maschine Live at Bar 25. Today, he is the only DJ who plays two Maschines Live, standalone, without decks or CDJs, showcasing an exceptional command of technology alongside his unparalleled musicianship.

From Stockholm to Sydney, Paris, New Delhi to Cape Town, his performances echo with the vibrancy and precision of a seasoned artist, dedicated to presenting exclusive, one-time shows. Notably, he has shared the stage with renowned DJs like Jake The Rapper, Charlie Delhom, and Dirty Doering, enthralling audiences at illustrious venues such as Bar 25, Wilde Renata, and Club Maria in Berlin.

Despite personal challenges, including a pause to care for his ailing parents, Steve’s unwavering dedication to music didn’t falter. In 2016, he founded South Africa’s only month-long music festival, the Kaya Music Festival, a testament to his commitment to the global music community.

Amid the pandemic’s silence, MAC’s creativity roared. Producing and releasing more than two hundred original tracks, his musical prowess consistently echoed at the top echelons of the electronic music world. Embodying resilience, he traveled to various informal settlements in South Africa, delivering “hope through music” with a motorcycle-rigged DJ setup.

Poised to elevate Cape Town’s music scene, MAC has been slated as the Lead Resident DJ at the forthcoming Industrial Techno club, “Galbi,” set to open in late 2023. In this new venture, MAC’s influence extends beyond music, contributing to the creation of an inclusive and safe space, aligning with the club’s mission as the city’s first LGBQT+ hard-style Techno destination.

In the vibrant tapestry of MAC’s career, each thread – from his early days with the violin to his innovative live performances and his continuous chart-topping releases – weaves together to form a rich and multifaceted portrait of an unwavering artist dedicated to musical excellence and impactful connections.

Embrace the world of “Mondays Are Cancelled,” where every beat is a journey, and every performance, a celebration of sound’s boundless potential.

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